Friday, April 29, 2011


As of two or three days ago, I began operating another blog titled "Killer!!" This blog is going to be the home of my new e-serial of the same name, which will depict a serial killer's lunatic writings in his own little fetish diary. I'm currently not sure what kind of updating schedule this blog will have, but I am hoping that I can manage something of a weekly update. The entries will typically not be much longer than 1000 words, and the entirety of the serial will probably only be a couple of thousand words. Not even a novelette. I expect that it will conclude before the end of the Summer.

In any case, I would be ecstatic if you would at least take a look at what is going on over there, and if possible, please leave a comment. Constructive criticism will help me to improve overall and to choose how I wish to direct the story.

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