Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mushroom Hats

It's not right to judge a gnome by the shape of his hat, you know
Some gnomes wear mushroom caps
And some gnomes wear cherries, red, blue and always in pairs.
But my favorite gnome caps are ones not so bizarre
Some are octagonal, some triagonal or rectangular,
But there are the simpler still cricles and squares
These simple shapes make a gnome no less a gnome
In fact, I think it makes them rather more gnomely!
You see, a gnome that is not afraid to wear his own shapes
Truly demonstrates what it means to be a gnome in the first place!
To be a gnome there is only one rule
And that rule is one that must be followed, against all ridicule.
That rule is this, and this alone:
Be who you are, let yourself be known.

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