Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Almost Done, Guys

As some of you may or most probably are not seeing, the front page has been flooded by poems ranging from ridiculously shoddy to amusingly acceptable. Those are all of the poems from my DeviantArt account, unless a few were not organized into the right folders or something. Which seems a little too likely, because there's at least one essential piece of literature that I didn't have the pleasure of bringing over here to ruin your childhoods. Since I couldn't find it, and to completely fill out this list of internet shared poetry, I'll be scouring the depths of my long-dead message board The Write Club in the hopes of drudging up a few of the lost poems. I've also got a few small pieces of prose I'll be sharing.

While I was transferring all of these poems over, I began reading them over and it's just laughable how bad some of them are. Yet, I'm not embarrassed about sharing them here, or even having my name attached to them. A lot of people will be wondering "Well, why the fuck not, Nate? They're total rubbish." And they'd be right, for the most part. Except that today I also saw the stages of my improvement over the past year, and while I'm still only a marginal poet, in multiple definitions of the word, it's comforting to know that I've moved into a slightly better cesspool from the one I had started in, and that I'll continue moving from cesspool to cesspool until finally I land in a tide pool. Or maybe a Jacuzzi!

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