Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Don't Be Mad

I hope you don't get mad
         but I don't like it when you're sad
Your glass should be full
not empty or between
but spilling over the edge
creating a stream
         if you need some water
         you can borrow mine
                   I'm not thirsty anyway
Your swagger should not sway
Your frown should go away
Smile, if you find a way
And do your best to make it stay
         (I'm trying my best here)
                   (Please don't tear my rhyme scheme apart >.>;)
Running out of lines
But still so much to say
Though words are cold
So have a friendly-poem-hug
I hope you feel okay :3
         (actually, I'd prefer if you felt great)
                   (I'm trying not to push it)
                             (how far am I pushing it?)
                   (Should I take it back?)
                             (Smile, just a little, before bed, okay?)
                                       (Sorry I haven't quite mastered "the art" yet)
                             (Dream Well)

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