Friday, August 19, 2011

Updates, Birthdays, and My Awesome Girlfriend

If any of you actually follow this blog, and I know for a fact there's nine of you, you have probably noticed that I've been a real ass about doing anything this month. Well, you see, there's a perfectly good reason for that:

I had to save the cows.
That's right. I've been ditching responsibility because I've been busily pushing my thumbs through Majora's Mask each day. You wanna fight about it?

In addition to that, my girlfriend starts college soon, and I've been really stressed trying to figure out just how I can get my family to cooperate in a way they won't flake on me so that we can see each other at pretty frequent intervals during the year. So far it's looking really shaky, but hey, my parents have dandruff.

Actually, that's not an excuse. They really need to stop flaking.

Before I actually get mad and start ranting about that, let's move on to the updates. You'll notice three new pages in the navigation menu underneath my little gremlin's house. "Articles", "Top 5", and "Neglected Characters." These sections are all going to be fairly organized archives of the material I've been posting here for the past few months, and I will continue to update them throughout the week until I'm finally all caught up (pffhaha.)

A note: the "Top 5" section isn't a totally accurate label, but I couldn't really think of an appropriate term that was concise enough to use. Basically this section will consist of all those "Five Capcom Characters" type of posts that I've been having a lot of fun writing the past few weeks.

In other news: the fourteenth was my birthday, and I have now successfully survived twenty years in this household of living. To celebrate this, check out the awesome gift my awesome girlfriend got me cause she's awesome:

I can see you. I can see you're fucking jelly.
You're all fucking jelly.
That's right! I got a Pachirisu! Currently his name is Pachichi, and he will kick your Aerodactyl's ass.

That's all, really. I hope you guys have an awesome nineteenth of the month of lions, please take a look at the new sections, and enjoy two more pics of Pachichi.

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