Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Short Writing Exercise

So here I was wondering how I could better myself (and also procrastinating) when the otherwise worthless research I was doing into a certain animal actually gave me just the idea! I should describe an animal, that closely resembles a more common animal, without making any sort of link between the two. And so I set off to do just that. While the result is definitely not anything groundbreaking, it is what it is: an exercise. If you'd like to humor me a bit, leave a comment to let me know if you figured out just what I was describing. If you don't like games, you can find the answer by clicking here.


Through the bushes I spied a curious creature. It was a head shorter than I, who stands at 5'6, but a a foot longer than I could lay without my arms outstretched. Black-hoofed feet clopped along the barren plains, puffing small clouds of shrubbery dust. It stopped at a small tuft of green and ducked its thick neck low, curling away loose lips to chomp on the blades with broad teeth.

The ears, which resembled rolled newspapers, swiveled when my weight shifted over a cracking twig. It bolted upright and cocked its head to one side, giving me a view of its thick, impenetrable black lenses. The eyes were not large given the size of its long face, and were it not for the way they glistened when met by the sun, I would have confused them as an extension of the elegant black stripes that lay proudly upon its white fur, like the majestic brush strokes of a feudal Asian artist.

It swished its long, broom-like tail and sniffed the air with its charcoal muzzle. The wind dragged across its short mane, bending the feathery bristles in rippling waves. I saw its nostrils flare twice, and its mighty breasts heave between its forelegs, and then it was off. Galloping into the distance so fast and so free that I half-expected it to sprout wings and disappear into the horizon.

As I began to lament having scared off such a magnificent creature a tingle ran down my spine. The tall grass behind me parted ways, and before I could move my ears were filled with a horrible, echoing roar.


Again, if you think you've figured it out, I'd much like to hear your answers in the comments section below. Feedback is, after all, the best editor. If you decided to cheat and click the link above, then shame on you 3<

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