Friday, February 17, 2012

"Fake and Gay!"

Outside of the obvious misuse of the word "gay" there's something else that really pisses me off about the expression "fake and gay," and that would be the "if it isn't real it can't possible be funny" part. I really don't understand it at all. Why does something have to be real to be humorous? Why are all those mock iPhone text pics suddenly less humorous because the conversation was scripted and penned out as opposed to actually having taken place?

"Since this is fake, it can't possibly be humorous by relating to fault autocorrect!"
Is there just no room for fiction in our current society? Normally that would be my guess. Since we live in an era where factual information can be delivered to your scramble-egged eyes in literal seconds, maybe the interest in fictional content has diminished. The only problem with that theory is how damn popular Twilight, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and My Little Pony are right now. They kind of fuck all around with fake not being gay.

Now you might tell me "But those franchises aren't claiming to be real. They're obviously fake so you might as well enjoy them for what they are." Why thank you, society, for that rare and thought out argument! However, you're still way off the mark, because those iPhone pics and the staged photos claim to be real just as much as World War Z supposedly actually happened. Presenting fiction under the guise of semi-realism is actually part of the art style, and judging by current trend of basing the quality of a game, comic, or movie off of just how "realistic" it is, it's the preferred style.


Being a cartoon does not make Family Guy any less funny. In fact, I dare to say that if the situations on that show were real, they would be tremendously less funny. Actually, most of them would probably be horrific 20/20 stories that make you hate the world.

Fake isn't gay. Fake has a place in this world. Appreciate the humor for what it is, and I of all people should not be telling you this, but: Lighten up!