Saturday, March 17, 2012

Do You See What I See?

And absolutely none of us see what Isaac sees! Just what is that? I dunno, go read the story and find out.

As of this morning (way, way too early this morning) I am an "officially" self-published author. Jumping in with both legs first, and I guess there's no turning back from here. Fairy Glasses is currently available via Amazon's many Kindle services for just ninety-nine cents. It's only a short little piece of flash fiction clocking in at just over 200 words, but I've also thrown in the manuscripts and drafts because I absolutely love me some bonus features. If you're ever in need of a quick read, you should definitely, you know, buy me a candy at the check-out counter.

The simple cover, one you will all become rather familiar with as I publish more shorts, was created by my lovely girlfriend Maranda Lee Scott. I opted for a simple, somewhat classical, approach to the cover because I felt that it was kind of a nice contrast to all of the high-resolution, really intense looking covers being shopped onto short stories in the Kindle marketplace. I know it's not really going to catch any eyes, but I'm just really satisfied with a subtle approach, and the Gaming Gremlin looks boss in gold.

If you're into flash fiction and don't mind spreading a bit of that gold ol' American wealth around, just hop on over to Amazon. Or rather, I'll hop you there myself. Go ahead, just click this. It won't bite.

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