Friday, March 9, 2012

I Can See Infinity

I can see everything that has ever been, and everything that ever will be, and everything that could have once been, and everything that could someday be. Reality is a limitless expanse of possibilities, and I can view them all. This is a gift I received from beings most believe not to be real. I did not. But they came, they did, and granted me the ability to see into other realms. Beyond humans, beyond Earth. Worlds of aliens, hostile or kind, of Elves, of dictatorships, of apocalypse, of nothing.

The world on which we live is only one instance amongst infinite others of what it could be. Anything you think of becomes elsewhere a reality. Or rather, whatever you think you can only think because elsewhere in this multiverse it is real. The brain is a gateway into other realms, and if you want to understand all there is to understand, you must not be afraid to look beyond these gates.

My abilities, however, surpass the common being. I can see the branches connecting one world to the next. And I can follow them back to the very beginning. To the mighty tree Yggdrasil, whose many roots hold the multiverse together and feed life into its planets. There are few others like me in this multiverse, and I am sure you will hear of them soon. 

Like me, the few others were visited by the Fay, or the Faire Folk, or the Faeries, or whatever it is you prefer to make them known as. Two beings appeared to me a night not long ago. They were about as tall as my finger, and covered in magnificent glitter. Shrixie and Tixle they called themselves, and they used golden wands to grant me with this power in exchange for some honey on bread.

I'm at a bit of a loss. There's so much I can't understand.

But what I do understand is this: We are not, never have been, and never will be alone.