Sunday, March 11, 2012

Seriously, Guys? Come On!

Now, a lot of you probably know that I'm a strong advocate of not harassing individuals for their sexual fantasies. And while I'm not particularly happy about Paypal's recent "force the world not to write porn" stance, there is a limit where sexual fantasy becomes concerning. That limit is when one of the search terms that shows up as having brought you wonderful peoples to my blog being: "baby looney tunes lola fucked porn henta."

Okay, so I get it. Lola's hot. Basically every dude who ever watched Space Jam has at some point searched Google for the glorious amounts of rabbit and carrot pics. I knew I was opening myself up to a certain amount of that traffic just by typing her name (while I'm at it: Krystal, Blaze, Peach, Zelda, Samus, Jasmine, Ariel, Kim Possible, Minerva Mink, Jessica Rabbit and Colleen.) That is something I can deal with. I'm okay with that.

Very okay with that...
But you know what I'm not okay with? I'm not okay with the word at the very beginning of that search phrase. Go up there and remind yourself exactly what that search term is. Because what I'm not okay with is people looking for porn of this:

She's adorable! :3
Seriously guys? Look at that. It's a little baby infant Lola Bunny in a diaper. She's adorable, not sexy. That's something you kind of want to pat on the head and give a cookie. The chocolate chip kind, you sickos. Did any of you at anytime ever want to go plug Lil or Angelica or any of the other Rugrats? No, because they're babies. Because that's freaking wrong. When you're a parent and you tuck your kid in at night, the last thing on your mind should be "Gosh, I'm horny." unless your wife is in the other room wearing that pink lace lingerie you picked up at the Old Navy (but she'll never know.)

And that "when" was meant to mean "in the future." I do not assume that any of you are parents now, although some of you are, and I would be disappointed if you got here from that search (but please, feel free to get here by searching for Tia Tanaka all you'd like. That's more than welcomed.) So all you snickering little teen dicks who are looking at your pedobud and going "Haha, dumbass thinks we're parents." should kindly shut your stupid face. You're still sick, and you should know better.


I don't know what a "Massive Lola Bunny" is, but if you're looking for something erotic, the term "Massive" might not be a good one to start with.

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