Thursday, May 31, 2012


Four Short Things is now available in the Kindle store for ninety-nine cents. To be honest this collection isn't really anything special, and all of the material included can be found in other forms elsewhere on the internet. Three of the pieces are actually floating around this blog somewhere, and the other can be found as a comment on Maranda's art blog. However, all of these pieces have been edited for Four Short Things, some  more than others, but none terribly too much. The works included are:

and "Death Row"

Three of which have been renamed since their original posts for various reasons.

The collection will be free for the weekend starting tomorrow morning around three AM, so if you don't feel like buying me a Jim Dandy, feel free to grab it then.

Click me

This collection actually has me in a pretty good mood, because I figured out how to actually make the HTML do what I want it to (mostly) so that's pretty cool.

Pretty cool indeed.

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