Sunday, July 8, 2012


Like the shoulders of Atlas
I hold the world
Or more accurately
The world steps on me.

Stomping, crushing, beating
Overall defeating
The thin bit of desire
To stand.

It presses down, not easing up.
I can feel my toes spreading,
My feet aching.
They won’t last long.

My ankles begin to scream
As the world grows heavy.
I can hold on for now,
But I won’t last long

I bend at the knees,
Until I fall.
Heart throbbing,
Sweat dripping.

Struggling, I begin
To rise once more.
But there’s a pain, a stab
In my chest

On my knees,
World on my back,
Heart torn open,
Bleeding profusely.

I feel myself begin to crack,
And I cry.
Sobbing, I think:
Is this the end? Will I die?

The world does not relent,
And for a while I fight,
But when I have no hope
Sleep seems nice.

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