Monday, July 23, 2012

Fanfiction Review: Tomorrow Morning by Shaula Al Nair

There isn't a whole lot to choose from as far as Pikmin fanfiction is concerned. Really there's just a handful of material to choose from at all, and even of that material only a small amount is actually finished. Most of it is the unfinished wet dream most fanauthors are known for leaving to rot in cyberspace. Those that are finished tend to be short stories, and this is one of them.

Tomorrow Morning is a short tale featuring a Red Pikmin protagonist as it observes the way its world and its colony have changed due to the influences of Olimar. While short, the story takes an interesting perspective on a subject only hinted at by the games themselves.

What Shaula Al Nair has done well has been done well, but unfortunately it's held down by inconsistencies, a grammatical hurricane, unwelcoming references and "gamey" description. While fans of the material may chuckle at some of these references, they aren't presented in a way that people unfamiliar with the franchise will even be able to decipher. Also unfortunate is the clunky phrasing of the sentences, which don't have a whole lot of flow and can sometimes be totally confusing until explained.

Ultimately Tomorrow Morning is a piece of Pikmin fiction that fans of the franchise will enjoy for the short time it takes to read, but it has little place as a wholly literary piece. That probably doesn't matter to most, but in my book that makes the tale a regrettable miss.



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