Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fact of the Day: Zangief is Bad Guy

In Disney's new movie Wreck-it Ralph various villains from an assortment of arcade games come together in a support group known as Bad-Anon. One of the primary members of this group, who really reaches out to befriend the main character, Ralph, is Street Fighter's Russian wrestler Zangief. This caused some controversy among fans of gaming culture, as Zangief is not portrayed as a villain in his own series.

Phil Johnston, the screenwriter of Wreck-it Ralph, has gone on record as saying that while Zangief isn't a villain, he wrote Zangief into the Bad-Anon scenes because as a child, Mr. Johnston was unable to defeat Zangief in Street Fighter II. Because of this he views Zangief as a bad guy, or rather, a good guy who does bad things.

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