Monday, November 12, 2012

Personal Hierarchy of Parenthetical Symbols

Ah, here we are. I've decided to invent my own personal rules while writing! Here's one I adapted from something I vaguely remember learning about way back in high school.

If you have parentheses within parentheses what do you use? Brackets. And after that? I'll just demonstrate.

([{< >}])

If you need any more parentheses than that, consider restructuring your sentence.

Also take note: I'm not an editor or English professor or anything of the sort. I've simply started defining my own personal rules and decided to share them because it's after midnight and I have thrown all caution and logic right in the wind's face.

Extra Note: I suppose you could use asterisks inside of those chompy-things (angle brackets?) if you want, but those have other uses.

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  1. Extra Extra Note: This may be referred to as "The Rule of Pac-Man."