Monday, December 10, 2012

Good Day, Good Day

Alright, today was pretty cool. I got most of this batch of movies uploaded to YouTube (some of them gave me trouble and a few need to be edited first) which means, not counting yesterday's upload haul, there are nineteen new movies waiting for you guys to go check out. So go do that.

Additionally I've added the daily dose of article, comic, story, and Aesop. Today's general flavor was Abbott and Costello, with the first issue of Abbott and Costello Comics which also provided the short story transcription for the day, "From Riches to Rags With Abbott and Costello." You can read the comic over at the St. John section, because that's who published it.

On the note of comics, you'll notice I didn't resize this one from its original size. Well, that would be because I've decided I am no longer going to do that. Yay for decisions!

Also, don't forget, there's a new cartoon for you all to enjoy. This one, like the last, from the Talkatoons series and is, as its title mentions "Admission Free." For your article today we have another fine selection from The Literary Digest, this time discussing how Europe handled education in regards to World War I in the 1920's. Hint: what war?

True to my word, I made an attempt to return to writing and managed to bang out two short stories tonight. They're both in the same universe (actually, an extension of my superhero "New Face Universe") and who knows? Maybe you guys will get a small collection of these "Secret Land" stories eventually. That would be cool. I'll be honest that the narrative structure and style I'm going for might come off a little dry. I'm trying to write kind of pulp, I guess. I can't really say if it's working at an audience-gratifying level, but I'm having fun writing it and I guess that's what counts.

Oh, before I tune out for the night I have a question for you lot (which I'm positive will go unanswered): do you guys like that The Archive opens everything in new windows, or would you prefer to have them load in the same window? Leave your answer in the comments.

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