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The Unofficial Guide to the Universe: Gary "Blue" Oak

*This character page is incomplete*

Gary "Blue" Oak is the rival of the Ketchum Siblings and grandson of Professor Samuel Oak. As a child, Gary was best friends with Leaf and Ash. The trio gave each other nicknames responding to their favourite colors, with Gary being known as "Blue." Though the friends had a falling out, caused largely by Gary's spoiled attitude and frequent bullying, they still publicly use their nicknames.

Blue was one of the three young trainers to arrive at Professor Oak's laboratory one morning and receive a Poke'dex and Poke'mon. Assigned the task of collecting and researching Pokemon for Professor Oak, Blue set off with the goal of capturing only powerful Pokemon and proving that he is a better trainer than either Green or Red. After choosing Squirtle as his companion, Blue challenges Green to a battle. His overconfidence leads to the defeat of his Squirtle against Green's Bulbasaur. With his Pokemon unconscious, Blue is unable to leave his home of Pallet Town. He sulks home, waiting for Squirtle to awaken.

Later the same day, Blue spots Green's younger brother, Red, hurrying to Oak's lab. With Squirtle beginning to stir, Blue decides to heal his hurt pride by defeating Red in a Pokemon battle. Figuring the only Pokemon remaining for Red to claim is the Charmander, a fire-type Pokemon, Blue believes his victory is assured. When he arrives and challenges Red to a battle, he is surprised to find that Red has a Pikachu in tow. Knowing an electric type has the advantage, Blue considers cutting his losses. But after seeing how disobedient the Pikachu is, he decides to press his luck.

The battle seems to be at a stalemate, with Blue's Squirtle unable to land a blow and Red's Pikachu, not interested in battling on behalf of its master, leaping away and taunting the slow-moving turtle Pokemon. Squirtle manages to tackle the electric-rodent, and Blue celebrates. Too soon. The tackle angers Red's Pikachu, who shocks Squirtle into submission. Beaten and bitter, Blue recalls his Squirtle and leaves.

Blue age eleven.
Filled with rage and hubris, Blue immediately heads for the Elite Four. Along the way he captures a Pidgey. The victory boosts his confidence, and he marches proudly towards Indigo Plateau. Much to his chagrin, however, he is turned away at the gate. Making his way back along Route 22, Blue meets up again with Red. Feeling that his new Pidgey offers him a sure victory, he again challenges Red and his disobedient Pikachu to a battle, not realizing that flying-type Pokemon are also weak in battles with electric Pokemon. Blue is swiftly defeated by the agitated Pikachu, who has grown bored of Blue's antics.

Disgruntled, Blue rushes off to find stronger Pokemon. He spends some time in Viridian Forest, where he finds and captures a Rattata. Whilst in the forest he seeks out powerful Pokemon, such as Beedrill, training his team against the wild Pokemon and local bug catchers. After a confrontation with a hardened Metapod, Blue's Pidgey evolves into a Pidgeotto. Satisfied with his success, Blue heads for Pewter City, where he defeats the gym leader Brock and earns his first badge.

Blue proudly marches on to Cerulean City, training his team along the way. In Cerulean he encounters a rare Abra, and manages to catch it before it can escape. This victory over such a difficult to catch Pokemon builds Blue's confidence. As he makes his way to Cerulean City Gym to battle with the gym leader, Misty, he encounters Red. Confident that his new team will defeat Red, he challenges him to a battle, only to be defeated. Angered, Blue storms away.

In the Cerulean Gym, Blue earns a ticket to the S.S. Anne from a defeated trainer. Knowing the ship is soon to depart from Vermillion, Blue cuts a shortcut through a small town between Cerulean and Vermillion City. The small town, he discovers, is a dumping grounds for abandoned Squirtles. Remembering the past defeats of his own Pokemon, Blue considers leaving Squirtle behind. This decision is cemented when he catches a Wartortle that had been abandoned in the village.

Shortly after his abandonment, Blue's Squirtle becomes
leader of a local gang known as The Squirtle Squad.
Blue, dreading his upcoming battle with Lt. Surge at the Vermillion Gym, shuffles ahead. He reflects how his previous defeats were at the hands of an untamed electric Pokemon owned by a novice trainer, and his next gym battle is against the greatest electric Pokemon trainer in Kanto. His team, Wartortle, Pidgeotto, Rattata, and Abra, is undoubtedly stronger than it had been, but his two toughest Pokemon are still weak to electric attacks.

After a gruelling confrontation with Lt. Surge, Blue manages to defeat the electric gym leader with the use of his Abra, who could teleport to evade attack and used its psychic abilities to mess with its opponent's minds. Realizing the strength of psychic Pokemon, Blue confidently claims his badge and marches for the S.S. Anne.


Previously Owned:

Squirtle (Abandoned)
Rattata - Raticate (Deceased)
Chikorita (Stolen from and Returned to Professor Oak)
Lapras (Given as a gift to Evan)

Currently Owned:

Wartortle - Blastoise
Eevee - Umbreon
Electabuzz - Electivire
(Giant) Krabby
Growlithe - Arcanine
Doduo - Dodrio
Scyther - Scizor
Abra - Kadabra - Alakazam
Spearow - Fearow
Horsea - Kingdra
Rhyhorn - Rhydon - Rhyperior
Pidgey - Pidgeotto - Pidgeot
(Giant) Slowpoke - Slowbro
Exeggcute - Exeggutor
Sandshrew - Sandslash
Vulpix - Nintetails
Magnemite - Magneton
Shellder - Cloyster
Machoke - Machamp
Zubat - Golbat
Psyduck - Golduck
Poliwhirl - Poliwrath
Meowth - Persian (Which unevolved back into Meowth)
Porygon - Porygon2


Professor Samuel Oak (Grandfather)
Daisy May Oak (Older Sister)

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