Sunday, December 9, 2012

Time for Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Update!

Oh man, I'm beat! I've been at this pretty much non-stop all day! Well, except for all that Teen Titans, Birdman, and Kung Fu Panda I stopped to watch, but who's keeping track, right?

So what went on today? Well, I still haven't gotten myself back into writing. Which is bad. I don't think I've written anything in about three weeks, and that's pretty much killing me inside. And it's not like I don't have the time, because I can just make the time. I don't really know what's up to me. I want to create and tell these stories, and I want to tell a lot of stories, but I just can't find the motivation to sit down and start typing. To be honest, I've been really depressed for about two and a half months, and it's an immense drag just to get out of bed. I don't really understand it, what's wrong with me, but it's like I'm carrying around a ball and chain everywhere I go. I'm just constantly exhausted and I don't really do a whole lot. I'm hoping I can get this under control soon, though, because I really, really want to get back into writing again and maybe actually finish something for once. I have a couple of ideas lined up that could help ease myself back into a writing routine and give me a chance to kind of find my pen-legs again, so we'll just see how that goes. Now that I've really caught up with everything I had previously lined up for this blog, maybe I'll pull out of this funk and be able to evenly distribute my time with the writing and Archive and not feel like crap about everything I do. Maybe.

The Archive got a huge kick today, with twenty-six stories written by Ellen Lynn all added, a new Talkartoons cartoon titled "A Hunting We Will Go" starring your favourite trio: Betty Boop, Bimbo, and Koko the Clown, one of Aesop's Fables without shitty formatting this time (yeah, I'm republishing them) and there's a new article from a 1933 issue of The Literary Digest pertaining to the increasing control of Nazism in Germany from that decade, for those of you with interest into World War Era events.

In other 2-Bit Archive related news there are as of right now 25 full-length and free feature films sitting in my YouTube account waiting to be described and published, with 16 on the way. I can't say whether or not they'll be available before I call it a night, but they will definitely be ready for watching sometime tomorrow. In the meantime, there is absolutely no shortage of (again, free and full) films chilling out on the 2-Bit YouTube channel, so if you like the classics and you've got an hour or two to kill, get your butt over there. There's some really awesome stuff just waiting to be watched.

If you liked any of this stuff and you want to see more of it regularly, you can always subscribe to the blog over on the right there. Just click the big blue button saying "Join this site." If you're into old movies and cartoons, definitely subscribe to the YouTube channel. It will take a while for the Video-of-the-Day trend here on 2-Bit to catch up with the rate I'm uploading on YouTube, so if you're really into those things, subscribe to my channel and stay up-to-date on all that's going on. If you're one of those engimas with no Google account, you can also keep up with 2-Bit's updates by following my Facebook  page. Short of that, I guess you'll have to bookmark me and remember to tune in daily. Which isn't all too bad. Do that. Yeah. Yeah. You know you want to.

Well, that's it for tonight everybody! I hope you're all having a great December and a Happy Holidays!

PS: I promise to post regular actually original bloggy blogs as soon as I'm not a depressed asshole anymore. Honest!

PPS: All of you should go watch The Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon. It's probably the best money I've ever spent. Seriously. Go do that.

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