Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Screaming Silent

I tried to ask you for help
     But I couldn't find the words
I knew that I was falling
     And I knew that I would die
But it seemed weird, and it seemed selfish
So I smiled and chose to lie
     Well, I didn't really lie
I just never told you
And that was fine
     You had other things to talk about
So we talked for a while
     Think I made you smile
          But I was running out of time
I still wanted to tell you
     I still knew I needed help
But I didn't want to say it
     I didn't know what to say
I hoped that you might see it
     That you would ask if I'm okay
          But you didn't
               But I don't blame you
It's not your job to know
     You aren't my keeper
          To burden with my woes
Maybe if I knew
     How to say it
But it would be awkward
     You shouldn't worry
          I shouldn't tell you
               I'd look like a poser anyway
Maybe I am
Nothing's wrong
     It's all in my head
          Well, it probably is
     But that's really no excuse
          For seeing myself dead

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