Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Where Are You Going?

Who are you?
Do I know you?
Do you know me?
Do we know?
I think we used to
Perhaps long ago
Oh no
No no
I'm wrong
You knew me
But I didn't know you
Or did I?
I can't tell
I can never tell
Will you help me?
Of course not
You're having too much fun
With these dumb games
I don't like these games
I wish they would end
Where did you go?
I can't see you
It's dark
Wait, is that you
Grabbing my hand?
Are you taking me somewhere
Away from here?
Wait where did you go
Don't leave me
Where's your hand
I can't feel it
It's cold
Are you still there?
Is that you giggling?
You're crying
What's wrong?
Why are you sad?
Will you help me find you?
Maybe I can help
Come back
Your voice
It's fading
Are you

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