Sunday, February 10, 2013

About the Crazy Ex-Cop Killing People in LA

This is big news for the people who care to be worldly, but I haven't seen a whole lot of buzz among my social circle in the same way I did when the Sandy Hook Shooting occurred. Maybe that's because school shootings are just more dramatic and tear-jerking and people tend to feel more saddened by the loss of innocent children than the lives of a young couple (and potentially more in the coming days), but there are people following this story almost religiously, and they seem to be largely divided into two camps. I mean, there are other camps (like the "We should look into the LAPD to verify what he claims" and the "He's a nut, ignore his complaints" camps), but there are two far more encompassing camps.

There are the sane and rational people who want Christopher Dorner's head on a platter, and there are the people who want him to actually succeed in assassinating pretty much the entire Los Angeles Police Department, their non-law enforcing families, and a few random people who happened to be in his line of vision. Because they think it will spark social change? Which it might. It genuinely could do that. Bring some notice to racism that still lingers in our society and definitely bring some attention to police brutality. But this is not the right way to go about doing it.

I honestly have to say, if your social hero is a real life version of The Punisher, you need to march yourself to the nearest psychiatric retention facility—not just an examination facility. Not just a shrink. Some place where you will be held and monitored.—and check yourself in. Murdering the daughter and her fiance of a man who defended you because you didn't get the outcome you desired? That's insanity. That's almost the same kind of brutality you (you meaning Dorner) are so fucking pissed off about. Almost, but worse.

And I'm sorry if you guys reading this don't know what the hell I'm on about. If you really want to know you should probably look at some news articles. This is mostly going to address what has become known as "Dorner's Manifesto" which can be found here but probably won't make good reading for more innocent members of the audience. In short Dorner spends far too many words bitching about being discriminated against as both a child and an adult working for the LAPD (which are fair complaints) and police brutality which he has witnessed (also a fair complaint) and the ways in which going the traditional method through the system, though internal affairs, has fucked him over and not actually addressed the issue of police brutality and racism but hid it under the rug (a fair complaint.) This is all peppered with a large number of death threats and insane rambling and personal vendettas and pure, unadulterated narcissism. If you're at all easily offended, don't go anywhere near this topic or that manifesto.

(A brief aside for those of you who read the supposedly complete manifesto: you'll notice it ended with half a sentence. I'm a little leery of doing this, but I think I might attempt to piece together the actual whole letter at some point and put it up on 2-Bit. I don't really want to, so don't hold your breath on it.)

So a lot of people, a scary lot of people, see this guy as some kind of martyr. Some hero bringing to light the injustices of our society. I don't really see that. I'm not denying that some of the things mentioned in his manifesto are legitimate societal issues which do need to be addressed and dealt with. But do I think for one freaking second that Dorner actually gives a shit about these issues? No. No and no and no, no, no. He doesn't. He is a child. This letter with all of his grievances illustrates his immaturity better than any description ever could. Dorner doesn't give a rat's ass about changing things, especially not for the betterment of society. What Dorner is, and what Dorner carries himself as, is a child who was told "No" or maybe unfairly put on the wall at recess, who then spends the rest of the school day mumbling and grumbling what he believes are excuses for vengeance. Or to justify what he did. When really all that's coming out of his mouth is incoherent, narcissistic hogwash.

He doesn't care about his excuses. He doesn't care about his justifications. These are pitiful attempts at murdering and getting off free. A lot of people think he intends to die at the end of all this. He likely will. But I don't think that's what he wants. He talks a lot about his reputation and his name and it all means so much to him. He doesn't want to die. He wants to kill as many people as he deems necessary and when this is all over he wants to return to a normal, happy life as if nothing ever happened. Except for the part where he is now some empowered ruler of his neighbourhood. The only thing this man intends to do is kill and make excuses for it. Excuses that he hopes will allow him to continue existing as a free man.

If he really gave two shits about the social progress and injustice of law enforcement he would take all those words which are so obviously tumbling in his mind over, and over, and over. He would take those words and he would do what any sane progressionist does and start a fucking blog. If the system fired you, if the system failed you, if you really wanted to actually have your story heard and be taken one little bit seriously about it, you would go to the press or you would press yourself. You would not become the biggest damn hypocrite of the century and start revenge-killing people who never wronged you.

If you are one of those psychopaths who thinks this guy is a vigilante hero, you are dirt. You are less than dirt. Dirt is a term I reserve usually for people who possess logical facilities but do bad things anyway. You, people who worship this juvenile wangst-machine with a gun, do not have logical facilities. All you have is an equal amount of hate and blood and desire to be the one out there killing. Because that's all this is. A sick murderous man committing heinous awful crimes. There is no political agenda. None. It's all about the killing and the self-satisfaction of doing so.

You really want to make a difference? You think this guy actually brought up some valid points? Start a fucking blog. Here's a link to a good place you can do that. Start a blog. And think. Don't worship this death-monger. Because he stands for nothing but rage and chaos. If you want to be taken seriously, if you want actual social change and awareness, you start a blog and you talk about social change and awareness. But don't kiss the toes of this sick fucker. And don't become one yourself.

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