Sunday, April 28, 2013

3-in-1: Risk, Battleship, and Clue (GBA) DS Inserts

3-in-1: RBC is one of those cheap board game compilations that began popping up near the end of the Game Boy Advance's life. It actually showed up so late to the party that the box features both the GBA and DS logos on the back. Surprisingly, of all games, I actually still have the full box and manual for this one, and in pretty nice shape. Unfortunately what I don't have is a working scanner, so I had to find some scans made by another generous soul. I found both a front and back cover over on GameFAQs, which was cool, but the scans were at a much smaller resolution than what I need to properly make a DS cover. Things always look kind of crappy when you have to scale them up, and this needed to be scaled about two or three times its original size. The scans also lacked a proper scan of the side of the box, which is a shame because it's a pretty nice sunset looking color scheme. I had to forge my own spine, which came out tolerable, but I really wish I could have gotten the official looking thing here. Ah well.

Also, I'm releasing the GBA games with two spine options. One has a silver logo, which is more in line with the GBA's packaging scheme, and the other is a black logo which looks nicer on some games than the silver one does. I'm hoping that Blogger won't resize the images when you follow their URL, but just in case I'll be adding an alternate download link below them.

Now I have to admit that I wanted a very uniform look to all of my games, so to get that I borrowed some elements from the covers already uploaded to The Cover Project. I'm not sure exactly what kind of rules the custom insert community adheres to, but it looks like contributing to an on-going theme is allowed? I just don't want to be stepping on too many toes, is all.

The download links will take you to my mediafire account. Don't be afraid, it won't bite. The proper dimensions for these images are 3260x1370, so check that before you go to print. Also be sure that they're still in .png format. I know some of these uploading services can change things on you.

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