Tuesday, April 9, 2013

So What's Been Going On With Me Lately?

This is not how I intended to follow up on publishing Adolescence. I wanted to come back with a bang! a crack! a pow! and more than a few new adventures for Brrda, Savage Savior of the Secret Land. Unfortunately a wild cold appeared. Actually, it isn't so wild and I kind of asked for it. Y'know, I'm just sick and done with the winter, so at the first sign of warm weather I decided it would be a good idea to sleep with the windows open. After all, thirty-seven isn't too cold. I can just shrug up some blankets, right?

Lolno. That's not how it works. So of course I caught a cold, and when I catch a cold, that's it, I'm dead. Splitting headaches, mucus too thick to breathe through, on and off fevers, unquenchable thirsts. When I get sick I can't write, I can't play games, I can't read, I can't do anything but lay there waiting to not be sick anymore. Every little action feels like a hammer to the skull. That's not even considering the dizziness. So unfortunately, my own stubbornness has led Brrda to an even longer hiatus than intended, and that makes me sad.

Sorry guys.

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