Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Brrda the Savage: Chapter Two

The demon swerved into the alley. It screamed something in that language Brrda couldn't understand. Its voice was partially drowned out by the roaring flames raging over its body. The inferno took on a vaguely human form at times, though it became something of a fireball as it rocketed through the air. Another shout in that language, a blast of heat pelted at Brrda and his tiger.

The Savage Savior managed to leap away from the flames, though he nearly tumbled into a brick wall doing so. Retsis was not so fortunate. She dodged the initial blast, but it sparked when it hit the ground. Tiny embers burst up to the air, scorching the tiger's fur where it landed. Smoldering ashes caught on her tail, on her back, a few gray flecks in her whiskers. A low growl climbed up from her beastly throat.

Brrda looked down the alley. No stones could be found, no large sticks, nothing which could help him attack from afar. He clenched his fists, stressed the muscles in his arms. His legs tightened like coiled springs. His teeth ached as he clamped his mouth shut. His forehead pinched as he waited for the right moment. Then, when the demon's attention had been drawn to the furious Retsis, he pounced.

It seemed in slow motion for him. He was in the air, his fist falling towards the blazing monster. Fire tore down the hairs into his arms. Blisters began to boil on his knuckles. He could hear the crack of the flames as his sweat leapt through it. He howled as his skin cooked. But the attempt was not in vain. The savage's fist met solid mass within the inferno. It was soft, like flesh, but it was solid. The demon was knocked away by the blow, crashing into the side of a building. Cool air rushed in to slap Brrda's reddened appendage. Gravity pulled him down with a thud, though he stayed on his feet. He winced as his arm screamed, and after a moment he howled with it.

Though only his fist had truly kissed fire, the air around the creature was hot enough to steam Brrda from wrist to neck. He sucked air through his teeth when his howl subsided, and peered at the blazing beast through strands of greasy, brown hair. If he had hit it with all the force intended, he was sure it would have gone down, but the heat made him hesitate. The demon was still on the wall, but the inferno had fallen into human shape again. He could see it clearly now, its eyes and mouth glowing white hot. It shook its head, as though dazed, before pushing into the air again.

Brrda's arm was seared. Do I dare try that again? he wondered, looking at his one good arm. The burned one could barely move at all, and when it did it hurt as though swarmed by a colony of angry bees.

At once he was off, loping on three limbs across the gravel floor. Retsis followed at his heels, splashing through puddles. Behind them the demon floated uneasily, apparently still trying to regain its senses.

On the side of the building was a wall of metal vines and strange platforms. Brrda scrambled up, though he knew Retsis could not so easily follow. She found a way, leaping to the lowest platform and catching it with her front paws and chest. Her hind legs kicked wildly, but the fight wasn't enough and she began to slip. Grabbing the scruff of her fluffy neck, Brrda hauled the Secland Tiger onto the platform. He rightfully assumed that first platform to be the most difficult, as the rest were more closely together than the bottom one from the ground.

The duo scaled the wall, aware that the demon had shaken off the blow and was again in hot pursuit. They beat it to the rooftop and dashed to one end. Normally the leap to the next building would have been a simple task for the wild man, but with a scorched arm it was a risk he couldn't take. The demon drifted up behind them. Retsis circled around behind her master, roaring loudly and baring her fangs. It was the warning of an animal that knows it's trapped.

Several moments passed with not a movement from either party. Retsis held firm behind the Savage Savior, rubbing against his back with her soft fur. Brrda, one arm clutched in the other, stared into the glowing eyes of the demon. The demon had come to a stop several feet away, drifting above a deep puddle in the stone surface. Though the fires of its body roared as they devoured the air, the demon made no move, locking its eyes with Brrda's.

The two stared off for what seemed like hours. Dark clouds formed overhead, as though attracted to the tension. Brrda felt the waves of heat licking up his nose. Behind him was a jump he could not make and a drop which ended on stone that would most certainly crush him. Before him floated a demon straight from the underworld, ready to char him at a moment's notice.

Brrda closed his eyes, breathed long and deep through his nose.

And then he jumped.

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