Friday, May 24, 2013

Sorry For the Lack of Fiction

I apologize for the lack of fiction this week. I've been having quite a headache working on a project for CreateSpace to acquaint myself with the system for a potential Adolescence paperback copy. Turns out all I had to do to get CS to stop ignoring me was save in PDF/A, who knew? Anyways, I did actually intend to begin a new Thursday serial today titled "Fire Lily", which would also tie in with my other serieals ("Brrda the Savage", and "Curse of the Undead King"). The thing is, I had started "Fire Lily" at a time before I'd decided to attempt this living approach to my literature, so the first chapter is already written out in a notebook and it's something I need to transcribe.

And it's way longer than I thought it was. It's not anything too long, really, only ten pages (about three thousand words--three times longer than my typical chapters), but it's far too long to be typing up at five in the morning. I'll have to work on it in little bits throughout the week and hopefully have it up by next Thursday instead. I also apologize for the absence of a Brrda update this week. I had originally intended to make it up for you all on Wednesday, but then Wednesday became Thursday, and I was ripping all my hair out with the stress of figuring out what was wrong with CreateSpace and writing the review, and the articles, and the story... I just...

I've decided that it would be far less taxing for me to forgive myself a little more, and if I miss a day to shrug it off and wait for the next scheduled day to come around. This doesn't mean that I won't be trying like hell to make my deadlines, but I'm also trying to keep what little sanity I have left. So that's how I came to this decisions. And it's kind of a huge relief to have come to it, not just because I don't have to worry about doing the catch up, but because I like having figured out a method that's suitable for me. It lifts a certain amount of pressure to finally be finding myself and finding out what kind of routine suits me best.

Anyways, I hope you accept my apologies, and I look forward to serving some savage stories in the future. Expect Mrrda to show up tomorrow as scheduled.

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