Friday, July 5, 2013

2-Bit Comics #2: Zip-Jet: Supersonic Enemy of Evil

Ha, so I'm really late to my own party! 2-Bit Comics #2 was released in the middle of June, and while I added links to the 2-Bit Comics page, I neglected to write up a blog post. This (last) month's issue collected the two issues of St. John's Zip-Jet comics, reprints of a few "Rocketman" stories from various Chesler/Dynamic books. There isn't too much besides the stories, although I've begun crediting the original artists and authors (where the information is available) with these issue, and I've also included a little blurb about the Rocketman/Zip-Jet switcheroo--complete with a side-by-side comparison of the two heroes!

Honestly (and this might be a bit more info than anybody ever would have wanted), I kind of wanted to get this issue made ASAP. The primary reason for this is because the red and yellow color scheme I used for the cover is similar to my original color scheme for the mock-up covers. It was this scheme that made me decide to go with the cross-banner format, and I thought that mustard and ketchup look was actually kind of cool and dynamic (publishing pun intended). There are other reasons, though, such as my love for the characters of Zip-Jet and Jet Girl. It's kind of an irrational romance. They don't make a whole lot of sense and are about as well defined as you'd expect from a 40's/50's book, the names are lame, and... I love it. There's something about them (and a whole slew of these forgotten heroes) that is attractive to me. They're really at the top of my list for any kind of revival projects and *glances around* I might be trying to explain the similarities between this duo and the Rocketman/Rocketgirl team. Shh. Keep it secret!

While I'm not usually into teasers, I'll give you one: this month's issue will be bringing together the two issues of Do You Believe in Nightmares, a short-lived St. John horror comic. I've also got something special in the works for August in addition to the usual 2-Bit issues, so keep your eyes peeled!

2-Bit Comics #2: Zip-Jet: Supersonic Enemy of Evil can be purchased either directly from CreateSpace or from Amazon by following those links! If you happen to check it out, please be sure to leave a scathing review over at Goodreads!