Sunday, July 7, 2013

Little Shop of Horrors: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Audio Cassette) Sega Genesis Insert

So one day I learned that audio cassettes can actually fit in some of the Sega Genesis game cases really well. Now, I only have one whole audio cassette and it's The Little Shop of Horrors: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, which I only exclusively because I am a nut when it comes to Little Shop of Horrors. I've watched the musical about a dozen times, saw a show in Boston (which was awesome) when I was about thirteen, have seen both black and white and colorized versions of the original B-Movie, and know most of the songs by heart ("Suddenly Seymour" is an exception). There's a whole three pieces of media I haven't gotten my hands on yet: two novels which don't actually use the title (which is trademarked) but the characters (which are actually public domain as far as I can tell), and an animated series which had somehow flown under my radar until recently.

I don't know how long I'll actually hold onto this little number, considering I'm all about upgrading and replacing the old with the new (if it's physical, anyway), but I think it'll probably stick around for a while and I wanted to display it up with everything else. You'll probably know this about old audio tapes, but they're small, and they don't exactly shelve nicely with more modern collections. Not to mention the little cases they came in tend to break way too easily. It just didn't feel safe to have this tiny little thing floating around my room. So, hey, I found a secret Genesis trick (some people have discovered the reverse) and made an insert! Wooh!

Unfortunately, there are almost no proper scans of the album's artwork. I had to scan all of this junk way the hell up, and even then I didn't have a spine. I think I eventually nabbed my spine off a poster or something. Either way, sizing up always sucks.

And now you get some pictures of my beautiful face.

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