Friday, September 27, 2013

Crossed Off: An Animal Crossing Diary - Day Two

I awake at 8:22 PM. Yesterday's travel and the following confusion must have taken more out of me than I had anticipated. The day is nearly over, and yet my activities have hardly begun. Pushing the questions from my mind, I had Nook's store. It closes at nine, if I remember correctly, so there isn't much time... and a glance at my wallet tells me that I can waste none.

Nook seems enthusiastic as usual about my arrival. He mentions nothing of caring for my abode, or the mysterious appearance of an upper floor and a peculiar picture. Deciding it best not to bring it up, my head still spinning from the reacclimation, I simply draw wares from my pockets. I offer up both the leaf umbrella and the Maki doll, as neither are of use to me or strike my particular fancy. I also inquire about the candies, noting that the abundance of fruit in the village should provide sufficient nutrition. And if worse comes to worse, I can always fish.

He grants a meager 397 for the lot. I shrug. The candy's expired anyway. I jingle the bells in my pockets as I quickly peruse his store, but nothing catches my fancy. Having completed my business, I had out for the town. The bells clang sadly against my thigh. Their lightness startles me, and I realize that I must make more. Utilities are of no consequence in this land but there is always mortgage.

I'm feeling quite tired and too groggy to socialize, so I brush past those who come outside. A pink mouse appears from her home, but I try not to meet her eyes. She's cute though, and unfamiliar. Perhaps I will speak with her later. There is only so long before Nook retires and my revenue is put on hold.

My destination is the beach. If I remember correctly, some of the shells which wash up are quite valuable. Along the way, I am taken aback by the multitude of cherry trees which have dominated one acre. Are such things for eating, or are they here a foreign delicacy? There will be time for that later, for now the beach.

Something twists my ankles as I descend from the high cliff into the dark part of town. With a swear I look down, spotting a ragged patched shirt grappling from the grass. With a sigh, I jam it into my pocket. I'm sure Nook will pay more for this than for any shell.

Without care I stuff my pockets with the shells of dead crustaceans. It never occurs to me not to mingle such things with soft fabric. The stench of the briny deep seems like a thing locked to this place of surf, and not at all a matter which can sink itself into the linens of one's clothes. 

Despite my lack of rod, I can't help but to glance waterward in the hopes of spotting a large shadow swimming my way. I've caught many a coelacanth, you know. Donated one to the museum. The museum, that magical place. I Should drop by later to see how they're doing. Perhaps there are some local critters not yet found.

I find more patched shirts littering the ground and shake my head sadly. I'll have to return for them, as for now my pockets are bursting. With haste I return to Nook, wondering as I do what he uses most of these for. I never see the shells we gather in his shop. Perhaps he offers a specialty catalogue of sorts. What kind of prices could he be charging within? Am I being a fool by failing to recognize an opportunity to begin my own business? No, it isn't so. I am not like Nook, who has others stock his shelves. I have no indebted servants, and I have no bells with which to acquire them.

A cold breeze hits me. I am alone.

While harvesting apples, I am approached by the pink mouse from earlier. There's no avoiding her now. She approaches timidly, and I can see the rehearsal on her lips. With a squeak she taps me on the shoulder and asks about my evening before finally popping the question:

"Say, have we met before, sweetie?"

Like Purrl, this mouse seems not to know me, and yet (and even despite her weak demeanor) she addresses me with such familiarity. Do I maybe look to her like a former lover? A slip of the tongue caused by my ruggedly generic good looks? I feel my cheeks turn rosy at the endearment, but she doesn't seem to mind. I introduce myself, and the girl's nervousness is instantly transformed into blissful energy as she clasps her hands together and exclaims how stoked she is to meet me. After a small exchange of information, she turns and skips away, eyes shut merrily, as though she is having a pleasant dream.

With a relieved sigh, I resume my work. There is not long before the store will close. No time to ponder the oddities of the locals.

After combing the beach clear and vacating all known fruit from the trees, I head to the Lost and Found at the police station. Often they have many items to claim, but today there are only four on the shelves. Odd, I think, since I found dozens of ratty shirts plaguing the village. Also odd is the bug net at the back of the L&F. Such an expensive item is typically not one simply left around. With a shrug I steal it away, eager to make the flip for some cash.

By the end of my night I have earned 83,044 bells. Not bad for my first night back on the town. It all goes into the mortgage. I am broke once more.

But at least I have staved off the savages.

For now.

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