Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Yet More Game Boy Inserts

You might remember last week when I talked about improving the traditional Game Boy cartridge case for shelf storage. Basically that amounted to printing off some tiny labels and pictures to slide into the cases, better facilitating the browsing of Game Boy collections while saving space (which is something the previous method of using modified Nintendo DS cases was not good at). In the original post, I provided my insert for Trax as a sort of template for others who want to do something similar with their collections. I thought that this week I would go ahead and upload the other inserts I've made for my collection. Additionally, I've improved the template since the previous post by making the Game Boy logo a little larger so it can be more easily read. I just wish the plastic used to make the cartridge cases wasn't so cloudy. The method still works at least, it just isn't as pretty as the alternatives (but pretty enough that I'm going to keep doing it).

I did make a batch of Game Boy Color inserts as well, but it seems that—like an idiot—I forgot to save them. I'll keep digging, but it looks like there's at least a few GBC inserts that won't be uploaded to the site...

Without further adieu, the next batch of cases: Ms. Pac-Man, Toy Story, Top Gun: Guts and Glory, Hatris, Pokémon: Red Version, and Pokémon: Blue Version.

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