Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Blog Going on Indefinite Hiatus (Again)

Don't worry, this time the break isn't because of an emotional meltdown (although I can feel one brewing simply because I have been unable to get anything on the blog done...). The deal is, I edit all of my blogs by hand. "This shit is actually edited?" I hear you ask. To that question I give a stiff upper lip and turn away. Editing by hand slows me down, which I think is an important aspect of analyzing anything. Unfortunately, my printer ate some nut shells and has an awful stomach ache that I can't seem to nurse. Until a replacement or a fix comes around, the blog is going quiet. Since I can't shut up, I'll still be yammering away just... uh... you won't be hearing it.

Thinking as I write: perhaps I'll use this as an opportunity to catch up on my transcriptions...

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