Thursday, April 14, 2011

Street Fighter x Tekken

While most avid gamers were sitting infront of their computers twiddling their thumbs about which incarnation of Megaman was going to be duking out with Spider-man, I was twiddling my thumbs wondering which of the two Kings was going to be swapping blows with Zangief. Too my great joy, it was revealed to be plain, old, suplexing, roaring King.

So Guile isn't quite Zangief, but I still have hope...

I'm rather pleased with this, as King was my first main way back when I was introduced to the Tekken series with Tekken 5 on the PlayStation 2, and I was sure as hell crossing my fingers that he'd show up. Given his lengthy history within the franchise, I wasn't really too concerned, but I am relieved that they revealed him so early on.

Not only was I treated to King, however, but I was also greeted by his one-time nemesis, now trusted partner, Marduk. Marduk is another character I'm fairly fluent with as far as the Tekken series is concerned, and while I didn't expect him to make the cut into Street Fighter x Tekken, I suppose it works out for the tag mechanic.

In addition to the two wrestlers, Bob pleasantly surprised me at the end of the latest reveal trailer, showing off just how fast he can actually move. Even though I'm happy to see that Bob made the move from Tekken into this crossover, I sincerely hope this doesn't mean he's being set up against Rufus. I really, really don't like Rufus.

Just incase you didn't know who Rufus was.
This is why I hate him.

El Fuerte would be cool, but Rufus just has absolutely no place in this game. As far as Street Fighter characters who did make the cut, you've already seen Guile squaring off against King. Abel and Ken have also made it through. I think most people are probably going to moan about how Ken is just a Ryu clone taking up a valuable roster slot, but I'm personally really glad he made it. The recent breed of Capcom Vs. has been sorely lacking in Ken.

In addition to the new reveal trailer, we were treated to a very nice CGI battle between Ryu, Ken, Kazuya, Nina Williams, and most surpirsingly of all: NANCY-MI847J. I'm kind of hoping that NANCY turns out to be the endgame boss for the Arcade mode, but at the same time I'm having nightmares about trying to defeat her. That's one of about three achievements I never managed to get in Tekken 6.

This CGI battle also showed us that Kazuya is in command of his devil powers, which will probably be used to combat the Street Fighter character's outrageous superpower advantage. It's interesting that Kazuya is being paired up as Ryu's rival, as it leaves me wondering if Jin is going to show up in the game outside of cutscenes. He was directly mentioned by name, so I'm sure he'll appear in one way or another.

I'm really excited for this game, if you haven't caught on by now. It looks like the juggles won't be ridiculous like in MvC, but they'll be plentiful enough to remind me of the momentum-based gameplay present in the Tekken series. Really, if this is done well, this could be the greatest fighting videogame to ever exist.

There's a few Tekken characters that I'd like them to confirm as in the game, but we can only wait and see. I'd really like it if they would give us Roger or Kuma, preferrably Kuma. It's just not something that's been done in the Arcade Fighter format before, and I feel like it would be both hilarious and stunning to see. I'm also hoping to see Xiaoyu, Christie, and Alisa. Alisa in particular would fit in rather well with the Street Fighter characters. Leo and Lars would also be welcomed additions. As far as a wishlist from the Street Fighter universe, Ibuki and of course Zangief. Rainbow Mika has also been missing in action for quite some time, and with Tekken Tag Tournament 2's new supermodel, I'm really hoping Mika will make a return. Ingrid has also been shamefully ignored since her creation, and I really want her to get the love she deserves.

I'm very stoked about this game, surprisingly. I thought I would be more interested in Namco's Tekken x Street Fighter, since I really am more of a Tekken guy, but I think seeing my favorite characters presented in this new style is really driving me more in favor of Capcom's countergame. We'll see how I feel as Namco releases more information.

Here are those videos I was talking about, so you don't have to scour the internet.

If somebody could tell me the music going on here, I'd love them forever.

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