Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Official Moving From DeviantArt Day

More or less because I'm so completely unorganize I actually need to do this, and so I can stop worrying about what poems are posted where, I'll be sharing my entire DeviantArt gallery here on Gallery Lost. Well, everything literature, anyways. I probably won't be posting any of those crappy emo MSPaint comics or my horrendous drawings.

Except this one!
Granted, that's actually from my older middle school account, but I think it accurately represents my ability to do anything in a visual medium. Just... Just go with me on this. Which I'll let you enjoy, because it's laughably horrible how much of a little poser I was (and also because I'm now going to reinvent half of the characters I forgot about.) If you want to see some photos that don't entirely suck, you can check out my current DeviantArt by following one of the links to the right. It's totally there. Fine, you lazy bastard, click here.

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