Saturday, June 25, 2011


Just a quick little update notice. I've added a "profile" section to the navbar, but because of how insanely late (or early) it currently is, there isn't much there. All you're going to find right now is my X-Box gamertag, and my Wii console number. So I mean, if you want to game, go ahead and add my tag. As far as Wii goes, I'll add some game specific materials later.

The profile page will be updated with a little more information about myself and also some other sites where you can find my work (all of which can already be found off to the side there.)

Actually that pranthesis brings up a good point.

Maybe I'll just use the "profile" page for gamertag.

Or maybe it's a bad idea I came up with while being unfunnily overtired. I'll figure that out later.

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