Saturday, July 2, 2011

Poem-a-Day July: Triangles and Octagons

Have you ever noticed how love always happens in triangles?
There never seems to just be a line.
I mean, maybe even a square, or an octagon, why is it always a triangle?
Is it just those three people and nobody else exists in the world?
That just doesn’t seem possible to me
There’s always somebody else
Some unheard Hinata sulking in the bushes
Hoping that someday there will be a direct line, or at least a square
Something that gives her a reason to feel love
Something that justifies her emotions
But there’s not just one Hinata
There’s a myriad of them
Sometimes eight or more
A love octagon?
Oh no, not an octagon.
You see, these hollow shapes assume that humans are not shallow
But of course Sheena is stuck choosing between Lloyd and Zelos
And Zelos, man, he just goes everywhere
So now lines are crisscrossing every which way
Heads are popping up and down, hearts are throbbing in their eyes
And someone decided to color outside the lines
Love is not any single shape
And it’s always a messy thing
But it’s oh so beautiful

Guys, you seriously need to give me some prompts to work with 3:

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