Friday, July 1, 2011

Poem-a-Day July: Every Day

I'm actually going through with my poem-a-day idea, even if I have to pull each and every concept and line out of my rather rotund buttocks. Thirty-One poems will be written, with or without your help!

Oh, maybe you don't know what I'm talking about. I seem to recall having at some point previous to this mentioning that I would be doing my own little Poem-a-Day for the month of July and requesting that anybody who reads that post to please leave a comment suggesting a prompt for me to write. None of you did it. Not a single one of you, and I know that you exist out there. I can see when you look at this blog. How could you, my friends? How could you?

Well, I've written a very special poem for you. It goes a little something like this:

Roses are red,
And violets are blue.
I asked for some prompts,
You didn’t pull through.

See how disheartened I was? It was so upsetting that I used your lack of interest as a prompt for a poem that doesn't really count, so I wrote a second one.

Every Day

You sit there constantly,
     Each day, each night
Waiting feverishly, yet dutifully
     Counting as the minutes go by
Loving your job, the one that only you can do
     Nobody else wants to do it
With that rude kind of overbearing presence
     Seriously, go take a nap or something
Drawing attention when we least want it
     Come on, man, just let me be for five minutesNever accepting that your task was fulfilled
     Finished, done, take a snooze
When you were blaring that damned radio.
     I hate clocks.

Seriously, it's Summer. Those damn things need to shut up.

It's not too late to leave a comment with a prompt. Really, please do this for me. I will gladly accept any prompt you post in the comments box. Please give me something to work with, please. I don't care if it's headlights, prostates, or green beans, haikus, sonnets, or free verse. Give me a prompt.

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