Thursday, August 11, 2011

The League of Cool Pokémon!

Hello, ladies and germs, to the official League of Cool Pokémon, a gathering of only the coolest, most awesome Pokémon from any of the many lands. This League is not a place for Pokémon to challenge one another, but a place where they can hang out with all the other cool guys, sitting in a place high above those other, boring, not-cool Pokémon.

The members of the League of Cool Pokémon were chosen by myself. For the most part, they are here because they look cool, but there are instances where I will admit a Pokémon into the League of Evil Exes Cool Pokémon for another purpose, such as them suddenly kicking ass in my copy of HeartGold.

To start things off, allow me to introduce you to the first member of the LoCP.

Welcoming you to the LoCP is our very special two-for-one deal, Kangaskhan! The roughest and toughest normal type around, Kangaskhan's got a rocky looking exterior, but a comfy inner pouch for her baby, whom I shall name Joeykhan, to take naps in. Kangaskhan are very defensive and aggressive to a fault, and will sometimes attack innocent bystanders to protect their young. They've always been a favorite of mine, and they haven't been ruined by a lame evolution (yet.) Though, to be perfectly honest, this species deserved a baby evolution way before the Pichu brothers should have seen the light of screen.

Cool Kangaskhan Sprites


Now that you've met the doorman, how about you take a look at the rest of the League? Just click on the sprite below to take a look at some of the coolest Pokémon around!
     Updated: 8/11/2011

Kangaskhan, bouncer of the LoCP.