Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blake Robinson's Super Sonic Special Sound

Despite the ridicule and strange glances, I tend to enjoy listening to the music composed for video games, and especially the remixes of some of these pieces. There's some real talent working in the industry, and the hobby boards, that don't really get the recognition they deserve because their work isn't considered to be "real music" by most.

In my search for interesting remix artists, I happened upon a man named Blake Robinson (although I really should give a shout out to the Spriter's Resource, since it was a thread on that forum which brought my attention to this man's talent.) Blake specializes in orchestral sounding remixes of not just video game sounds, but anime and even meme melodies. His rendition of "Nyan Cat" takes the short tune and turns it into a magical melody that evokes a feeling of flying through the cosmos in search of adventure.

While the remix retains the feeling of the original, Blake Robinson has undoubtedly added a new dimension that transforms the jingle into something completely different. This is exactly what he has done with Jun Senoue's "Splash Hill Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I. Mr. Robinson has kept that growing feeling, the build up of an epic, yet upbeat adventure lurking just around the corner, and developed that far beyond the scope of the original composition. Have a listen:

I'll admit that I wasn't a large fan of the original "Splash Hill Zone" song. I found it just a little too campy, and way too cheesy (even for me.) The remix above does away with most of the camp and has served me a dinner not smothered in melted nacho sauce. For a comparison, check out the original song:

Notice how much more awesome Robinson's version is? That happens to nearly every song the man touches. If you don't believe me, just hop on over to his YouTube channel and check out some of his other super cool red remixes.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a game to mod.

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