Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Up Yours, Ben!

Oh, Ben, you stupid sonuvabitch. I beat your ass senseless, I did, I did. You tried thwarting me, what with your newfangled GameCube edition lock-ups and save cancels, but I didn't let you scare me off, no sir, no sir, and now here I am with a 100% Majora's Mask playthrough. I did it, you stupid, little punk. Twenty hearts, reduced damage, extended magic meter, Great Fairy Sword, Fierce Deity Mask, six empty glass bottles. Oh yeah, your ass is on a silver platter, and now I'm serving it up to the internet, even if it isn't quite what they ordered.

This prick. I kicked his ass.
In the process of demolishing the unfathomable evil of the electrical world (AKA: XANA) I noticed some of the intentional weird shit Nintendo tossed into their game. Even though this was something like my fifth or sixth playthrough of the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, there was still a bunch of new things for me to find, things I had never seen before or things I had never bothered to notice. The one I'm going to share with you that absolutely blew my mind?

This douche... the same person as...

...this douche.
No, not Majora's Mask. The Happy Mask Salesman is the same person as all five of those little bratholes that run around on the cracked out moon that's trying to eat the Earth. I don't really know what this means outside of the fact that the Happy Mask Salesman has some unexplored supernatural presence, and a much deeper connection to the Majora's Mask than what he presents to Link at the beginning of the game, where he essentially claims to have sought the mask out to complete his collection.

I kind of want to believe that the Salesman actually created Majora's Mask, or is at least descended from the tribe that supposedly did. It really would make more sense of the Salesman created the Mask, however, and the evil in the Mask is in some way all of the confusion he accumulated growing up. Y'know, during that hormonal holocaust known as "puberty." This doesn't really explain the Mask's cold demeanor when it addresses the player without speaking through a puppet, but not much about the Mask is known at all when you consider it.

"Oh, it's the evil mask is going to kill the world," is the easy answer, but that really isn't it at all. Majora's Mask was only attempting to ruin Clock Town because that was the desire of the lonely Skull Kid, however we never get an explanation for why Majora's Mask continues its assault on Termina after it abandons Skull Kid, and why it still acts like a lost child when you find it on the Moon.

There's a vast amount of mystery behind these characters, and in one respect, I hope Nintendo returns to this point in time to explore them, but in another I'm intrigued by the unknown, and I want to keep it in the realm of my imagination. And honestly, the vast unexplained is one of the many reasons I'm going to recommend anybody who's read this post to this point to play the game.