Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dirty Smile

You smile at me from across the room
That familiar, dirty, taunting smile
I leer back, maybe you’ll frown
But the shine in your eye lets me know
The smile will never turn down
And we stare off
Me, glaring, leaning off my seat
You, chiding, knowing you can’t be beat
Hour-long minutes pass, and I reluctantly surrender
Straighten my posture, scoop up my papers
And you’re staring at me
I can’t stand it!
How can you sit their grinning like a fool
All day long, every day, all week?!
Why can you smile so contentedly while I
Must sit here and suffer the tedious atrocity of this math?
Oh, my dear little monkey light,
You have no idea how I’d love,
     Simply love,
          To unplug you

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