Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Everything I Own Challenge!

Today I will embark on a new journey! This is the journey to actually utilize everything I have purchased. I have so many games and books and movies just lying around completely untouched and unused that it's sad, and I keep buying more. Today I put a stop to that. I will not purchase any further media for myself, not one single thing, until I can experience at least some of what I already own. So starting right now I will embark on the quest to read, play, listen to, or watch everything I own. Everything. Top-to-bottom, A-to-Z. Every little thing. I'll be keeping track of the books over at GoodReads, and everything else right here and also on this Google spreadsheet, which will grow over time as I clean my room and discover new things.

This is kind of something I noticed that I'm not the only one dealing with. A lot of people have things lying around they've never actually used. So consider this also a challenge for you. Go to your bookshelf, pull out something you haven't experienced yet, and do that. Experience it. If you go for ths, you accept my challenge, post in the comments, make a blog, make your own spread and let me know. I'd love to see what other people are doing and reading and playing.

One exception to my rule: if I have only part of a series, I am permitted to purchase the other parts of the series to fill in the gaps. For instance, I have the collected Runaways Volume Nine and Runaways Volume Eleven, but I do not have the tenth volume. I am permitted to purchase that volume before moving onto eleven, but since the last one I have is volume twelve, I cannot go beyond that. I may also accept gifts, as I did not buy those myself (hint hint hint hint to the people I know.)

Editing to add: I will be restarting every video game with three exceptions:

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, which I am still playing.
Pokemon: Heart Gold, which I am still playing.
Animal Crossing, which is currently incomplete and because of the nature of the game will be continued.

I will also be considering the books I read last year as complete.

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