Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fantasy Smash Bros.: Super Leaf (Item)

The Super Leaf was the second primary power-up introduced in the Super Mario Bros. franchise, and the selling point of the famous Super Mario Bros. 3. Grabbing this leaf allowed the Marios to gain raccoon tails, which allowed them to fly for reasons never explained! The Super Leaf has recently returned to prominance as an item which transforms Mario or Luigi into either their raccoon suits or the more powerful tanooki suits, depending on the game.

In the original title the Super Leaf gave players the ability to fly and an additional offensive ability in the form of a mean tail swipe which could quickly down enemies without the need to hop on them. In Fantasy Smash Bros. the Super Leaf would perform only one of the raccoon suit's many functions: a slow and controlled descent. Grabbing the Super Leaf (by tapping A infront of it, as the leaf will not be activated upon contact) will cause the player to sprout a pair of raccoon ears and a raccoon tail. While in this form players can tap the jump button repeatedly to perform a more controlled descent than that allowed by the parasol. Also unlike the parasol, the raccoon tail will damage enemies who happen to get too close, and can even spike foes who are hit in just the right spot.

Unlike many other items, the Super Leaf does not restrict the player's moveset in any way. It actually behaves much like the Bunny Hood, simply enhancing the combatant's abilities for a short time or until it is knocked off.

For characters with multiple jumps, the raccoon powers will only take effect after their other jumps have been utilized. The same is true of most character, only being useable after their secondary jumps have been utilized. In the case of Peach the descent may be utilized only after leaving her hover mode.

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