Sunday, March 17, 2013

Scrubs in My Tubs!

So I know I should be a little more along with the Everything I Own Challenge, and I should probably be getting more reviews up here, but, well. Scrubs might have eaten my life. Don't you guys worry, though, because I'm almost done with Med School! Now, some of you might be wondering: "Well, Nathan, why aren't you reviewing Scrubs as you go? Weren't you planning on doing that with the other shows you watch?"

To the second question: yes. I intend on reviewing shows by episode, season, and finally by series. Unfortunately I have this thing. You see, when I'm really into a show I don't just watch an episode and wait for the next day. Hell no. I watch five or twenty episodes of that show all at once. On at least two occasions this past week I sat down one day and watched an entire season. Without stopping. Without breaks. Straight through. About twenty-four episodes, about eight hours of nothing but Scrubs.

This might seem like a good thing. After all, I'm efficient. I get these episodes done, then I've got twenty-four reviews to write, right? Plus one for the season as a whole? Nope, not so fast. The problem with the way my brain works is that I have to write a review for one thing before I even finish anything else. This has gotten in the way a few times, like when I'm watching a show and reading a short book in the same day or when I procrastinate a review so long that I don't allow myself to do anything else for a week at a time. These are really bummers.

And, y'know, I really get into some shows. I think shows (a term I hate, by the way. I do prefer to call things "film series" or "film serials". Even animation) are probably my favorite form of entertainment. I find them to be far superior to movies, even the really amazing movies like The Avengers. In a movie, you have two hours to get to know everything about a world and its characters. That's only two episodes of a series, and a whole season might be ten times as long. You can see where the advantages might be. Now if only we could get those kinds of Hollywood budgets on a series. Oh, dear future.

In any case, the last thing I want to do when I'm knee deep in the tension between J.D. and Elliot is pause my marathon and take an hour or two to right off a review. That's simply something I don't want to do. So I don't. And I don't plan on doing it that way. When and if I ever get around to actually reviewing film series, I've created a few rules for myself to help me along with it:

1: I must own the series unless it is something unavailable on home media. This narrows down the things I can review quite dramatically, which scares me a hell of a lot less. This also means that I've probably watched the series before, and won't mind taking intermissions to review the episodes.

2: I must have already watched the series. As mentioned above, if I have already seen the series I will probably be less pissy about taking an intermission or watching it all more slowly.

With Scrubs I don't yet meet either one of these requirements. The first one because I've been doing the deed with YouTube, and the second one because, well, I'm not done yeat.

Although technically I consider the ninth season its own show, because that's what it was intended to be. Just because some execs. want me to believe otherwise doesn't mean I'm going to, and from what I've seen this sentiment is common across the Scrubs fanbase. As far as I'm concerned, the ninth season is actually the first season of a separate, but related, show known as Scrubs: Med School. It's not a very good show so far.

There you have it. The real reason for why I suck so hard at getting anything at all done ever.

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