Thursday, March 21, 2013

Smashing on Thin Ice!

So I decided for the next part of my challenge that I should go through Super Smash Bros. Melee again, and it's a decision I'm not regretting at all, because unlike some games, this one doesn't suck. I started things off slow to get the hang of the physics and gameplay quirks after half a decade of Brawl, and let me tell you, there is definitely a relearning curve. However, I'm choosing to see this as an opportunity to become a better Smasher with more characters than the ones I mained before. I always had an interest in the Ice Climbers, so I decided to take them for a run around Classic Mode.

And that reminded me of the one thing that always drove me nuts about the Ice Climbers. Why on Earth can't I play as Nana without switching the palette colors? I could understand this a bit more in Melee, because Nintendo was still very much finding their footing in those early GameCube days, but why can't we do this in Brawl? It would have been as simple as pointing and clicking Nana's image on the character portrait, just like how you can choose between Zelda or Sheik, and choose which Pokemon to open with when you pick Pokemon Trainer (who should probably be renamed to Red while I'm at it.)

There is literally no reason not to give gamers the option of making Nana the lead Climber and Popo her support. This is one of those little touches I want to see in a future Super Smash Bros. game which I feel would make it a whole lot better. Just that little touch of freedom, and that extra boost for Nana.