Saturday, March 23, 2013

To Answer Your Curious Minds

Yes, I did think about how the cast of Scrubs would work out in Super Smash Bros., and yes, I did decide on who would be a fighter and who would be an assist trophy. I won't be listing any attacks or playstyles, but here's the general break-down of what I came up with:

Playable Characters (the names used represent their in-game names):

Dr. Cox
The Janitor

Assist Trophies:

Elliot (Could be used as a fighter considering her super strength, but her personality by the end of the series doesn't really reflect someone who would participate in a battle. However, considering Lucy's inclusion, I suppose Elliot could work out as well. Haven't really decided yet.)
Dr. Kelso


The Todd could be a playable fighter and represent the majority of the supporting characters. As a joke character with actual gameplay, I imagine he'd play similarly to Captain Falcon with the majority of his kill moves being high fives.

Yes, this was fun.

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