Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fantasy Smash Bros.: Zapper

Super Smash Bros. Melee reintroduced the Super Scope as a rapid-fire weapon in the Nintendo Universe, but the original light gun hasn't been seen since the days of old. While the Ray Gun's mechanics are perfectly suited for the Zapper, it has been instead decided to leave the generic ray pistol in place of a more historic video game artifact. Righting this wrong, it's Nathan DiYorio to the rescue!

The Zapper does function similarly to the Ray Gun, firing with the same frequency energy blasts which look similar to and travel at the same speeds as the rays. However, there are several primary differences to the use and function of the Zapper. For starts, the Zapper's zaps are more limited in number, with each gun only able to fire five shots before it's all used up. But second, and most notably, zaps do not damage enemies. Absolutely zero percent damage will be done to them.

Instead the gun's usefulness lies elsewhere. While the Ray Gun and Super Scope are both excellent weapons for sniping enemies from across the screen, the Zapper is more suitable up close or when in teams. When struck by a zap, an enemy is frozen. Not frozen by ice, but, well, zapped. Strangled in a surge of energy, completely immobile for a good long bit. Two or three seconds, about. This leaves ample opportunity for a player or their allies to deliver a mighty Smash Attack and send the point home.

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