Thursday, April 18, 2013

Catgirl Prime (S!DC)

Kitrina Falcone is a young girl well-known for her abilities as an escape artist, able to get herself out of any confinement conceivable. She is originally a nuisance to Catwoman, attempting to steal a map from the feline fatale, but Selina is impressed with Kitrina's talents. Catwoman takes her in as Catgirl and trains her in acrobatics combats and stealth. Batman convinces Selina that Catgirl would benefit from joining Young Justice for a time, and so she joins that team shortly after the end of The Reach conflict.

Shortly after joining Young Justice her world becomes involved in the Dire Conflict. Though her allies battle their counterparts, Kitrina is quick to realize that there is no parallel Catgirl. This gives the Prime Young Justice a number advantage over their opponents, as well as the element of surprise as they never saw her coming. This allows Young Justice to push back their dopplegangers and regain control of Mount Justice and the surrounding locale.

There is no Injustice Catgirl because Injustice Selina Kyle was killed prior to the point where she would have met her world's Kitrina Falcone.

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