Thursday, April 18, 2013

Superwoman Injustice (Lucy Lane) (S!DC)

Lucy Lane's origins and history in this universe are very similar to that of her Prime counterpart up until the point that Superman accidentally murders Lois Lane and their unborn child while under the effects of fear toxin. The death of her sister drives Lucy into madness, and she goes on a rampage in search of Superman. In her anger she murders those who support Superman's new regime and eventually comes into conflict with the former hero. The two duke it out in a battle which levels a large portion of Metropolis but ends with neither victorious.

Lucy then offers her services to Batman's Insurgency, but he declines her offer on the grounds that she has become criminally insane. Batman attempts to take her down, but she escapes, laughing at the effort. 

She then attacks the Watchtower, intending to kill Superman and his entire operation at once. She is eventually defeated by the combined efforts of the Justice League, specifically Superman, Captain Marvel, and Dr. Manhattan. Superman has a moment of weakness when faced with ending the sister of his deceased wife, and the task is left to Dr. Manhattan.

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