Thursday, April 18, 2013

SMASH! - Dire Conflicts

SMASH! - Dire Conflicts (or SMASH! - DC, S!DC) is kind of like my Fantasy Smash project, although the focus this time being a fake game very deeply inspired by Injustice: Gods Among Us. I thought about writing this all out as fan fiction, and I still someday might, and I thought about making this an RPG using simple editors, but I can't find any sufficient for my OS. Ideally it's a story that should be told in a fighting medium, and I'd like to have used MUGEN to do so but I just don't have the skills to make it happen. This means more idea dumping all over my blog! Hooray!

Instead of boring you all with the gameplay I haven't finished thinking about yet, I'll get right into the story and situation. S!DC takes place across two universes: one which greatly resembles the dictatorship run by Superman in the Injustice game and featuring heroes with more grim and armored costumes, and one which is more inspired by traditional super heroes and such. Both universes make use of characters which do not exist in the regular DC Universe but are in some way associated with Detective Comics.

The main idea:

In Injustice: Gods Among Us Superman is tricked into killing Lois Lane and his unborn child which prompts a radical psychological change in the hero. Over the course of five years, Superman and the Justice League conquer most of the Earth and rule over it with an iron fist. Really, it's an adaptation of the Justice Lords storyline from DCAU, though with a darker touch.

In my scenario there are two nearby universes who share a similar situation to the Injustice events, though with some notable differences. From here on out I will differentiate the two universes by referring to them as Injustice and Prime universes. In Injustice Batman (I) summons the DC heroes to his world to help combat the dictatorship. In my storyline, his mission is a failure. His interdimensional wormhole generator does not work, but it does create an energy pulse powerful enough to alert the Justice League (I) to its existence. They seize the tech and return it to the Watchtower, now aware of an accessible alternate world.

Cyborg (I) manages to make the device work and the Justice League (I) enters Earth (P) and attempts to take over that dimension. This conflict sparks an interdimensional war between the two Earths.

*note: since the events of Injustice do not transpire as in the video game, Billy Batson is not killed by Superman, nor is Lex Luthor. The Joker remains dead, however.

So let's just jump right in here.

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