Thursday, April 18, 2013

Starfire Prime (S!DC)

The Starfire of the Prime Universe shares much in common with her counterpart from the Teen Titans animated cartoon. She is as immature, childish, innocent and naive as her animated counterpart, and wears the same outfit. Her powers are the same, and basically she's the same character as her cartoon counterpart.

Starfire, also known by her real name, Koriand'r, is an alien princess from the planet Tamaran. She arrived on Earth approximately four years prior to the Dire Conflict and encountered the Teen Titans while escaping a Gordanian fleet, whom had mistaken her for Blackfire and demanded her immediate execution for war crimes she did not commit. Together she and the Titans fend off the Gordanian fleet, and she chooses to remain a member of the Teen Titans on Earth.

A romance sparks between Kori and fellow Titan (and then Titan leader), Dick Grayson. When Dick is summoned by Aqualad (Kaldur'ahm) to rejoin Young Justice, Kori tearfully sees him off but remains as a Titan, claiming that the Titans are her family and she cannot abandon them. Dick Grayson, by that time known as Nightwing, promises her that he will return once his mission is complete. Though they are separated by vast distances, Kori routinely meets up with Dick when crime is down.

After the defeat of the alien race known as The Reach, Dick hangs up his cowl and returns to Titans Tower where he is allowed to remain despite being inactive and a civilian. Some months later Nightwing has returned to active duty and left the Titans, but continues to see Starfire.

The two decide to marry and are holding their wedding ceremony at Titans Tower when they are attacked by their Injustice-Universe counterparts. This marks the beginning of the Dire Conflict.

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