Wednesday, May 29, 2013

10 Catwoman Costumes I'd Like to Be Injustice DLC

Catwoman's had a glorious history at DC comics, alternating between being a villain and being a hero more times than the Calculator can count. To match the character's extreme bipolar disorder is an entire wardrobe full of colorful and varied costumes, each with their own unique flavor. With no shortage of potential costumes to choose from, one has to wonder why NetherRealm Studios insists on utilizing pretty much the same theme for all of the Cat's alternate outfits. Let's take a look at some of the potential these guys are really overlooking, shall we?

1. Nolanverse Catwoman

Let's just get this one out of the way. Everybody and their mom has been hoping for a complete Nolanverse costume pack since the months leading up to the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, and so far we've all been left a little unsatisfied. And by a little, I mean completely. This Catwoman doesn't necessarily stray from the highly-equipped-super-thief-with-boobs motif, but it does portray a more sophisticated and less theatric Catwoman.

2. Green Catwoman

Not the most appealing outfit for our feisty feline, this green costume is a classic. Resembling something more like a reptile than a cat, it's kind of an odd curiosity in the character's history. While here it looks simple, I imagine it could look quite stunning rendered in the Injustice style. Each green scale glittering, moonlight splintering off her heavy necklace. Ah yes. And it would hold the same bizarreness as it always has. Such a perfect plan.

3. Patience Phillips Catwoman

I know, I know. The movie "stunk" and Patience is a "terrible" character, and basically this movie and everything from it deserves to be forgotten. Frankly, though, I don't care whether it's Selina or Patience wearing the suit, I just want the suit. In my opinion, the costume crafted for 2004's famous flop, Catwoman, is one of the best costumes ever designed for the character. It's sleek, trendy, and instantly recognizable, not to mention that it fits DC's "gritty" new attitude pretty well!

4. New Batman Adventures Catwoman

Penguin comes with the picture, unfortunately. I forgot to crop him. The New Batman Adventures is a follow-up to Batman: The Animated Series, which saw most of the villains redesigned. This isn't my favorite Catwoman for the specific reason that I chose her. This Catwoman has a very creepy, otherworldly look with her almost glowing zombie-like skin, and twisted, devilish ears. I chose this Catwoman because it would really put a different perspective on the familiar character.

5. The Catwoman

The Batman really went out of its way to come up with some extremely weird and unusual designs for famous characters, and it was pretty much all miss with me. Despite really hating this design, the big ears and over-long tail remind me of the more exaggerated Batman costumes, so it might be kind of cool to see her going to toe-to-toe against them.

6. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Catwoman

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is kind of a spiritual predecessor to Injustice: Gods Among Us, and despite NetherRealm's attempts to separate the two titles... nobody is really making the distinction, because we can all see the connection. Might as well embrace that opportunity and resurrect this pretty little number from the original game!

7. Shanghai Catwoman

This particular image was drawn by Free-man12 at DeviantArt, but the costume originates from a trilogy of short cartoons aired on the DC Nation Saturday morning block. I thought that it was really cool with a nice Asian aesthetic and that would also greatly distinguish itself in tone from the largely dark wardrobe of the world's greatest cat burglar.

8. Purple Catsuit

The purple costume is pretty identifiable and one of the character's more frequent fashions. I've never been a particular fan of it, but it wore off on me over time. I'm genuinely surprised that this one hasn't shown up sooner, and it's long overdue to make its debut.

9. Catwoman Animated

In my eyes, this is the definitive Catwoman. My childhood was populated by this incarnation of the character. She was on my television, she was in my toy box, hell, she was probably in my video games. I guess you could say I'm more of a cartoon guy than a comics guy. Either way, I'm always saddened by how overshadowed this outfit is. It's simple, stylish, and just really fitting for the character. Show it some love, NetherRealm!

10. Classic Catwoman

I was first introduced to this costume through the animated cartoon Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and it took a while to grow on me. But once it did, well, there just isn't any going back. It might not fit the cat theme very well, although it does feature the trademarked tiny ears, but it suits Selina Kyle's classy act real well. There's also a nice blend of Victorian and superhero going on, which can be something difficult to pull off. If any of Catwoman's costumes see a future DLC release, I'd like it to be this one. It's something I think most gamers simply wouldn't see coming.

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